4 Hair Experts Reveal Their Secrets To Great Hair

Lauren LeVine

Who better to squeeze for hair tips than the women who actually solve bad hair days? We’re talking about Pantene’s Healthy Hair Science Squad, a group of five savvy, stylish scientists (geek chic in its truest meaning!) who study their own hair gripes, then create the products to solve them. Here, they share key tips they’ve learned to ensure they always have a good hair day. First up, Pantene Principal Scientist Jeni Thomas, Ph.D, talks about coping with her color-treated hair that’s also abused by curling irons, blow dryers and lots of styling. Watch her video, then scoop the rest of the tips this A-team swears by.

Haleema Chaudhr

“I used to live in Houston, and it’s very humid and very hot there, so my hair would often get pretty frizzy. I remember back when I was in high school, I went to a wedding and looking back at those pictures, it was a little embarrassing because my hair was a lot more frizzy than I thought it was. Now, I know that using a deep conditioner helps calm down frizz so hair looks silky and smooth. A lot of the product testing that we do here, especially in our high humidity, high temperature lab, really mimics that Houston weather, so I know I can trust the products!”

— Haleema Chaudhr,
Senior Pantene Scientist

Emily Overton

“When I was younger, I wasn’t that choosy about hair conditioner, and then I would just go straight to using a styling gel. My hair felt really dry, especially at the tips, and my curls weren’t as soft as I would have liked. Since I’ve been working on Pantene, I’ve started using a leave-in conditioning cream and now my favorite is Pro-V Normal-Thick Split End Repair Crème ($5.99). I just put it on the ends and my curls are more controlled and my hair feels a lot healthier. I can finally grow my hair a lot longer.”

— Emily Overton,
Pantene Principal Scientist

Keyla Lazardi

“I have very fine hair so I thought that caring for it was all about shampooing and only using a little bit of a styling product because I didn’t want to weight it down. Now, I know better! I know that proper conditioning is key for the health of your hair and I use conditioner on a regular basis. I use the Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions Flat to Volume Conditioner ($3.99) from roots to tips and it doesn’t weigh down my hair at all.”

— Keyla Lazardi, Ph.D,
Global Pantene R&D Director

Carlista Conde

“Since I’ve been working on Pantene, one of the things I’ve learned is how damaging hair extensions and braided hairstyles can actually be to the health of your hair. Since learning that, I’ve actually stopped wearing those types of hairstyles because they can lead to permanent hair loss.”

— Carlista Conde,
Pantene Principal Scientist

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