Become A Reality Hair Star!

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When you think of gorgeous hair, one of the first things that comes to mind is probably something we like to call commercial hair– the shiny strands you see in ads for hair products. How many of you have sat in front of mirrors trying to perfect a patented Pantene hair flip? That slow-mo swirl of the head that shows off your lush, healthy locks is the holy hair grail and something that many of us could only dream of while the supermodels got to have all the hair swirling fun. At least, that is, until now.

Yesterday Pantene announced that they were teaming up with a special guest “hair star” to help launch their newest products. Check out the video below as celebrity spokesperson Stacy London and Pantene marketing director Julie Marchant-Houle reveal who this special spokesperson is, plus details on an insanely cool contest.

That’s right, now’s YOUR chance to be a strand superstar on TV. In honor of the brand’s reinvention, they are looking for the world’s first reality hair star. All you have to do is grab your camera and create an original submission video that tells Pantene why you should be a reality hair star. Then go upload your video to the Pantene website before April 18, 2010 to enter. America will have the chance to vote on their favorite videos to help choose the winner and fan favorite videos will be chosen daily. Twelve semi-finalists will then be chosen and flown to New York City for an in-person test shoot in May.

The lucky lady who wins will star in a reality hair ad that will air live on May 25, 2010 on multiple channels including a major national network. The ad will help introduce Pantene’s reinvented product line, which includes an updated ingredient list, tailored systems, new packaging and new fragrances.

Need some inspiration? Pantene has signed four fabulous reality stars to do their own videos explaining why they should be a reality hair star. The first video features Jill Zarin of the Real Housewives of New York City hilariously explaining why she’s right for the job. Be sure to stay tuned because there will be three more videos posted on the Pantene website throughout the coming weeks, all featuring well-known reality stars, and you won’t want to miss them.

So grab those cameras and start perfecting those hair flips, because one of YOU is going to be the next hair reality star!

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