Oscar de la Renta Launches Fragrance Line Inspired By His Life

Amanda Elser Murray

odlr fragrance essentials Oscar de la Renta Launches Fragrance Line Inspired By His Life

Anyone who has ever met Oscar de la Renta can’t help secretly swooning. As an 80 year-old he still has the ability to make a girl blush. Even Erika Bearman (@OscarPRgirl) says she still catches herself blushing when Oscar stares deeply into her eyes. That is why a scent collection based off of his life and tales is sure to make any girl’s heart melt.

This fall, in addition to his fashion line, he will launch another collection — one even the everyday woman can splurge on. A six-piece Essential Luxuries fragrance collection based solely off of Oscar’s “mastery of fashion and his enriched, joy-filled life.”

Each piece in the collection comes complete with a detailed story from Oscar’s past, but Oscar had one particular message he wanted to get across with each scent.

Santo Domingo: A smooth, smokey tabac fragrance based off of Oscar’s tropical past. “My great strength is knowing who I am and where I come from — my island.”

Granada: A citrus floral accord inspired by his love of Spain. “A garden is probably the most spiritual and pure of joys.”

Oriental Lace: Channeling Oscar’s deep love of fashion, this dark oriental is laced with gourmand nuances. “In the future someone might ask, ‘what is Oscar de la Renta?” and you could say ‘it’s a pretty dress’.”

Mi Corazon: In honor of his devotion to family, this scent is a white floral bouquet. “There was a ylang-ylang tree in the square and when it bloomed Eliza and I could smell it all through the night, Every time I smell it, I go back there– smell is the longest recall of all senses.”

Sargasso: A crisp Eau de Cologne, this spritz is supposed to be reminiscent of “sea spray.” “Every home should be welcoming…an oasis.”

Coralina: A classic and timeless floral bouquet with notes of violet. “A fragrance is like a signature, so that even after a woman leaves the room, her fragrance should reveal she’s been there.”

The entire collection will make its debut at Saks Fifth Avenue on Fashion’s Night Out!

Each bottle is $150 for 3.4 oz/100ml.

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