5 Reasons Why This Gold Pomade is Our Holiday Hair (& Makeup) Go-To

Shannon Farrell


Here’s an easy way to add a little sparkle to your holiday look without the tinsel or gaudy jewelry—Oribe Gold Pomade ($49, oribe.com). Although packaged as a pomade for the hair, the uses are endless.

1. Use your fingers to streak along the hairline, creating instant highlights. Unlike other stylers, it doesn’t add a crunch to strands.

2. Apply to the palm and dab on top of the hair for shimmer and shine. The finish is so gorgeous because the product is infused with crushed gold minerals.

3. Replace your hair oil by dabbing on the end to condition and hydrate. The pomade is formulated with both pro vitamin B5 and Keravis to prevent humidity, strengthen the hair follicle and add moisture.

4. Create faux ombré on dark hair by applying the gold from the mid-shaft to tips.

5. Fake a makeup highlighter by applying the pomade along the cheek bones. Since the formula is so soft, it feels like makeup and doesn’t dry out skin.

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