Oribe Fragrance is Officially Its Own Product

Augusta Falletta

oribe fragrance

As much as we love the good hair days we get from Oribe’s line of products, we have to admit that half the reason we’re drawn to the line is the mesmerizing scent in each product. To be honest, sometimes we just apply the product for the fragrance, and we know we’re not the only ones. Today, the brand announced that they’ll be introducing two fragrances in September, meaning we’ll have one more thing on our list of reasons to love Oribe.

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“The fragrance is probably the top performer of the products themselves,” says Tev Finger, co-founder and president of Oribe. “I hear more about the fragrance almost more than everything else. It totally caught me by surprise.” There will be two unisex fragrances ($85 each) launched at salons called Côte d’Azur, which is the signature scent in all of the hair care products. A citrus floral with notes of fresh lemon, plum, and black currant, plus hints of sandalwood and amber, the fragrances are sure to be a success with new and old customers alike.


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