Olympic Figure Skater and CoverGirl Gracie Gold Shares Makeup Tips, Competition Secrets

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There’s nothing quite like a girl who can make it to the Olympics. The amount of training, dedication and passion it takes to devote your life to your sport is not only incredible, it’s also inspiring. When we met Gracie Gold, Olympic hopeful and the newest face of CoverGirl, she was as talented as she was personable, and besides knowing how to nail a triple salchow-triple toe loop at the drop of a hat, she also knew how to get the most perfect, classic makeup look, complete with a signature red lip. Plus, even though she keeps her nails short for skating, the girl loves some good old American nail art (seen above).

After getting a mini skating lesson from Gracie, we sat down to talk about what it’s like to prepare for a competition, how she keeps her skin so flawless in the cold temperatures and which CoverGirl products she’s obsessed with. Read on below!

Beauty High: What makeup do you wear when you’re not working?

Gracie Gold: I try to keep things really simple, you know. I stick to concealer for any blemishes or dark circles and I always wear mascara. I usually wear lipstick, too. It might wear off by the end of the day, but I like to start with a bright color. Usually red, but I get so many pinks and purples in there too.

What do you do for competitions? 

It’s a complicated process. I practice in the morning with a fresh face, or just something where you look nice and put together, where you’re showing that you’re honored to be at a competition. Then sometimes, you just have to start from scratch. I have a tinted moisturizer that I use for competition, and I have a primer. I remember the first time I went to a Walgreens and an entire wall was CoverGirl foundation and moisturizer, and I just remember feeling so overwhelmed. I was like, “I have no idea what I need, I don’t know what my problems are” and then I just start with the CoverGirl Neutralizer because I’m so pale. Just to cover blemishes, and it’s really white so I top it with foundation. The dewy look is nice, but as soon as I start working out, the dewy look just happens.

The cat eye is really popular for skating because it’s just definite and really nice and always attractive. I definitely do more than 60 strokes on my mascara, I know they’re nice and long but I still do 3 or 4 coats. Sometimes I end up doing my makeup in the car really early, and if your mascara clumps in the morning it’s a problem. I love the Clump Crusher and now the Bombshell mascara. Lips I save for last, and I have a lip brush that really works. I love CoverGirl Lipcolor in Hot for a great red. Now I’ll use concealer around the edges to clean it up. It’s a process. You sit down in front of your hotel mirror and get everything out, like I have a duffle full of makeup.

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So you do your makeup yourself? 

Yeah, sometimes at ice shows they’ll have professional makeup artists but at regular competitions or practice events, there aren’t enough artists for all the skaters. It’s kind of fun to do your own, though. It’s sort of like a pre-competition ritual. I’ve never used false lashes, but one of my friends that I always room with, she’s Japanese and she has to have them. She has like the best cat eye and then she always has her falsies.

Do you do your own hair? 

I can, like I can do certain hairstyles. I’m not very good at braiding my hair, so that’s something that my mom and I do, it’s a good little bonding thing. But she’s really good with hair and twists. Buns are classic, that’s what you think about for skating. This year I’ve just been doing like two twists that wrap around into a bun, or just two Dutch braids that wrap around, a little bit more romantic. I’m skating to Sleeping Beauty, so kind of like the Aurora look. Then I have an Adagio piano piece for my short program so again with the romantic feel with a side part. I always do a side part. For practice I wear a side ponytail, that’s my thing.

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You have pretty perfect skin, but does your skin ever freak out in the cold? 

Sometimes it just freaks out like it definitely goes through phases. Recently with all of the competitions and shows and wearing moisturizer, primer and foundation it just does a number with the cold, and going from LA temperature to New York, then Japan and Canada, it just takes a toll. Getting facials always helps. It just kind of clears everything out, and it makes you feel better. My dermatologist gave me a sulfur based face wash that I just use in the shower, and I have sensitive skin so it’s gentle, but it’s just really good at clearing everything out.

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