Game Changer: A Salt Spray That Doubles as a Body Mist

Shannon Farrell

unnamed31 Game Changer: A Salt Spray That Doubles as a Body Mist

In our series, Game Changer, we’re highlighting products that are so good, they are having a significant effect on our beauty routines.

Most salt sprays only work for a select few. Although the summer staple creates a desirable lived-in texture, many formulas weigh down fine hair instead of enhancing rough beach waves. A moisturizing version that softens strands while appearing rough has always been a fantasy. Until now.

Olivine Love + Salt Beach Hair And Body Mist ($10, is formulated with hydrating Himalayan pink salt and coconut oil, so it moisturizes the hair and, get this, the skin. Opposed to gritty salt sprays that would be rough on the skin, Olivine’s feels smooth when sprayed and rubbed in. The infused epsom salts soothe the skin and muscles (albeit less than a tradition epsom salt bath).

And the softer formula is just as effective on hair, adding texture and volume to straight and curly hair. It almost feels like a different product when applied to the hair vs. the skin. The finishing effect is touchable beach waves, yet the hair is not super soft like the skin. It has a slight grittiness that makes it easy to mold the hair and scrunch into waves—what every salt spray should do. The hydrating ingredients keep the style from drying out in the sun. Think of it as your texturizing conditioner and skin moisturizer.

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