The Secret to Olivia Wilde’s Perfectly Arched Eyebrows

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Olivia Wilde

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From her gorgeously blended ombré to perfectly arched eyebrows, Olivia Wilde has become a beauty icon for her simple approach. We sat down with the mom-to-be to discuss Revlon’s new makeup launches, as well as her philosophy on aging, her eyebrow routine and her admiration for the French.

On Those Gorgeous Eyebrows
Olivia uses a pencil to fill in her brows. “My eyebrows are so warped from years of abuse. I can’t even brush them up. I brush them to the side. If I brush them up, they just look like crazy pointy devil horns. I brush them in to the side and they fill in more completely. And I pencil in the rest to kind of soften them. Everyone in my family has crazy pointy eyebrows. It’s mostly about trying to make the arch not quite so extreme. It changes your face so much when your eyebrows are filled in and softened. I spent years trying to look like Kate Moss with wispy thin eyebrows and it was a horrible mistake. Everyone told me not to. I still took them all off. So now we pay.”

On Anti-Aging
Anti-aging has become a buzz word in the beauty world. Between the serums, creams and, of course, Botox there has been a race to try anything and everything to beat the clock. But Olivia says she takes a different—and refreshing—approach. “I try to think of it not as anti-aging which seems sort of negative, like you’re trying to stave off this tidal wave of doom. Instead, just think of it as maintenance. So I’d say as you grow older, you just intensify the care a little bit with the amount of water you’re drinking, the amount of sleep you’re getting.”

When filming the Revlon commercial, another actress gave her similar advice. “I asked Halle Berry, of course, ‘what is your secret?’ She seemed surprised by the question. She said ‘I just take care of myself.’ She’s very adamant about being against plastic surgery. That’s how we have to restructure the perspective. People think, ‘Oh i don’t need age defying at all. I won’t need that until its past the point where it bothers me.’ Instead, just use a product that’s designed to counteract. It’s not some kind of admission, like you’ve lost and now you’re giving in. It’s just about smart maintenance.”

On Her Speedy Routine
The actress is a huge fan of Revlon’s new CC Cream (available in mass retailers late December!), which is moisturizing, perfecting and has SPF 30. “Just throwing that on, you’re kind of good to go,” the actress told us. “I’m a fan of a product than can do many things at once and simplify my regimen and make it easy and fast. I’ve now got my makeup down to a 10-minute routine.”

On French Beauty
Olivia likes to keep it simple—CC cream, eyebrow pencil, some mascara, a little bit of eye liner and something moisturizing for the lips. “When in doubt, just think of the French. They are so simple and perfect and chic. I was doing a round table the other day with The Hollywood Reporter with a bunch of actresses. Adéle Exarchopoulos was there. I was looking at her with so much awe. Because she had that French chic thing. We all had dresses, heels, lashes and makeup, and she was in flats with her hair messy and down and just some red lipstick and mascara and looked perfect. I was thinking, ‘When in doubt, think of the French. Keep it simple.’”

On Her Skin Care Routine
“I’m pretty good about washing my face every morning and evening. Moisturizing my skin—a stronger, thicker moisturizer during this time of year. I love Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream ($42.95, Gucci Westman slathers it on like a mask. It’s the first thing she does. And it feels so good, especially if you keep it cold. And then I exfoliate once a week. I really like Kate Somerville ExfoliKate ($85, I like the way it feels, its nice in the shower.” During busy times—like announcing the Golden Globe nominees and attending the “Her” premiere, the actress chills black tea bags and puts them on her under eyes. “The caffeine is great for the depuffing. So now I just bring the tea bags with me. Any black tea works.”

On Enjoying Exercise
“The thing I’ve learned is that if we take away the idea that exercise is an obligation and chore. This expectation to try to be thin. If we change that conversation into making it a treat for yourself, like self-care, self-love, it makes it so much more fun. That more than anything else will help every part of your life. Because it is a type of meditation. It is so effective in all things. That has been the biggest revelation for me recently. Exercise is actually self-love.”

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