Olivia Munn is the Newest Proactiv Celebrity Spokesperson

Rachel Krause
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We don’t see too much of Olivia Munn these days—unless, of course, you’re a loyal watcher of “The Newsroom”—but we’re about to see a lot more of her in minute-long blips. Proactiv loves a good celebrity spokesperson, with Katy Perry, Adam Levine, Jessica Simpson, Naya Rivera, and Kaley Cuoco among brand faces past and present, and Olivia is the latest star who’s been tapped to represent the super popular skin care line.

In her first act as spokesperson, Olivia detailed her own experiences with acne and shared how Proactiv has helped her to overcome it—twice, both in her teens and again as an adult. “When I was 16, I moved from Japan to Oklahoma … and I had this horrible outbreak and I never had acne before,” she told People. “I hadn’t even heard of Proactiv, and [my cousin] said, ‘You should just try this.’ I used it and within like a week all of it was gone.”

Olivia also divulged that, in the case of her most recent struggle with adult acne, her skin cleared up completely after just two weeks of using the new Proactiv+ formulation. That’s a convincing testament that’s backed up by Olivia’s ridiculously perfect skin, but we have just one, very important question: Does this mean that Proactiv will finally be phasing out those ridiculous Justin Bieber commercials?

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