Top 10 Reader Tips For Looking Younger

Megan McIntyre

Fine lines can really put a wrinkle into looking younger. Not anymore! Olay‘s new Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex is an anti-aging cream that instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and imparts a gorgeous radiance. To celebrate the launch of this new miracle worker, we asked our readers to share their best anti-aging skin care secrets. We found these 10 beauty tips to be smart, savvy and even surprising.

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“Life is too short to worry.  Less stress keeps you looking younger!”
– reader Michelle Ericson

1. “I am firm believer of NEVER going to bed with a dirty face. Use a gentle cleanser (soap is too drying), and a good moisturizer. Once a month I moisturize with olive oil. I have received repeated compliments on my skin because of this.” -Judy Thompson

2. “We all know the do’s and don’ts: Drink lots of water, use sunscreen and moisturize with quality products. I would add wearing sunglasses outdoors, to minimize eye crinkles, and smiling, to keep away the basset hound droops. A smile makes everyone appear younger!” -MaryAnn Karre

3. “Every morning when my moisturizer goes on, I massage my face. It stands to reason that if you exercise your body, you should exercise your facial muscles too. I don’t look my age (55) and I have no wrinkles.” -Deborah Hughes

4. “My best tip is don’t tan. Hindsight is 20/20. I wish someone would have warned me; at 47 the damage I’ve done saddens me.” -Kim Thompson

5. “I like to use organic coconut oil to remove makeup and to apply just after a shower.” -Poomie

6. “I’ve never had a day without sunscreen on my face. Even if you aren’t going out in the sun for a long time, incidental sun exposure will age you over the years. Hydration is also important for plump, youthful skin! Finally, when applying makeup, I use a slightly lighter concealer under my eyes to brighten dark circles, then a small dab of illuminator on the inner corners of my eyes. I’m 28 but when asked, most people guess I’m still 21.” -Tiddleewinks

7. “Once or twice a week I lay down with cucumber slices on my eyes or a eye mask that has been chilled in the refrigerator. Not only does it help me look younger it’s also really relaxing!” -Jengen123

8. “Daily chemical exfoliation (BHA and/or AHA), plus a broad spectrum sunscreen loaded with antioxidants keeps my skin clear, lineless and glowing!” -Diana Devlin

9. “Toss old makeup, sunscreen, and moisturizers. They are ineffective and can result in breakouts, sunburns or worse, infections.

And definitely use a humidifier during the winter.” -Gumercinda Frecklebutt

10. “Do not worry so much. As I get older I find that the little things that use to make me anxious are not that important. Life is too short to worry. Less stress keeps you younger looking.” -Michelle Ericson

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