Olé! 10 Manicures To Try For Cinco de Mayo

Olé! 10 Manicures To Try For Cinco de Mayo
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Depending on your lifestyle, it may be a bit difficult to rock an amazing manicure on a daily basis. A lot of the time, it’s easy to fall into the old “I’m wearing neutral polish and that’s that” mindset, but why not step out of the pale pink box for Cinco de Mayo this weekend? Whether your heritage celebrates the holiday or not, you deserve to throw up your hands and say “Olé!” for a celebratory weekend.

You don’t need to be an artist (or even really artistic) to have a great set of nails. Sure, having a steady hand helps, but that’s what touch-up pens were made for. Luckily for the girls who weren’t given the manicure gift, some of this season’s biggest nail trends require little skill. The ombre and splatter paint nails are an excellent option for a mani that will please even your most harsh critics, while the skull and tribal nails may be your goal for next Cinco de Mayo. If you’re talented with a brush, go for the mustache manicure or the black scrolling tips. Whichever you decide on, your hands will look flawless when you’re throwing them in the air.

Flip through the slideshow to get some Cinco de Mayo manicure inspiration! 

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