Scared of Hair Oil? Try an Oil-Infused Flat-Iron For Super Sleek Strands

Shannon Farrell

There’s a new trend in the hair tools industry — oil-infused flat-irons. Combining heat styling and product, it’s meant to make our time in front of the mirror shorter and easier. But before we jump on board, I decided to give them a try a try before I nixed my tried and true straightener.

oil-infused flat-irons

Both the Cricket Ultra Smooth Styling Iron ($89.95, and the Agave Healing Vapor Iron ( for salons) use oil while straightening the hair, but in different ways. With the Cricket Iron, the argan oil and keratin protein are actually infused into the ceramic plates. “Ceramic is porous material which allows for the two properties to activate and transfer onto hair,” says Cricket VP of Marketing, Karen Delzell. With the Agave Iron, oil is housed in a small chamber. The oil vaporizes when heated up and then micronizes when the plate hits the hair. “It penetrates deep into the hair, strengthening the hair shaft while sealing the outer cuticle for ultimate shine and sleekness,” says Joel Calfee, Agave Lead Stylist.

If you have thin or oily hair you might be wary to try any oil. But when infused with the iron, the oil doesn’t leave any residue. The oil and protein blend from the Cricket iron is a little less product than you would normally use (because you’re not reapplying oil each time you straighten), but I found the finish to be just as smooth. And because the oil is infused in the actual plate, there isn’t even a trace of greasy residue on the hair.

As for the Agave iron, the oil used in the straightener is slightly different than the brand’s super lightweight Healing Oil, but it also doesn’t weigh the hair down. “For even more shine and smoothness, blow dry Agave Healing Oil into hair followed by a Healing Vapor Treatment with the Vapor Infusion,” says Joel. “It’s the ultimate combo for frizz-free shine and long lasting smoothing results.” I have naturally oil-prone hair and after blow-drying with the oil, my hair was smoother  than with just a clean blow dry. The vapor iron used after got rid of any natural frizz and locked the style in place without weighing my hair down.

With both tools, my hair stayed sleek and straight throughout my entire day in the office. And with one fewer step in the morning, I just might nix the old straightener.

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