Should We Offer Free Cosmetic Procedures For The Poor?

Rachel Adler

We live in a society where nose jobs, Botox and a tummy tuck are all pretty much the norm these days.  It’s pretty much just a matter of when you’re going to go under the knife, not “if” you’re going to. As you age, you obviously have the choice to decide if you’d like to embrace your wrinkles and everything else that goes with it, or if you’d like to become one of the many who are tied to their surgeons and all of the new options out there to keep themselves young.

But now, apparently these cosmetics procedures aren’t just for those willing to dish out the cash. In Brazil there are clinics that are providing the poor with access to pricey treatments (the kind that have been pictured on episodes of Real Housewives, if you know what I mean) with the philosophy that beauty is a right, and the poor deserve to look as ravishing as they can too.

According to Business Week, there are more than 220 clinics in Brazil that offer these services. The Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicine’s Rio clinic has performed free procedures for more than 14,000 patients since founding in 1997. Dr. Rosas, who works at the clinic, views it as healing to the patients psyches. “What’s a wrinkle? Something minor, right? Something with previous little importance. But when we treat the wrinkle, that unimportant little thing, we’re actually treating something very important: The patient’s self esteem.”

What do you think of this philosophy? If you were offered to go under the knife for free, would you?

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