October Must Haves: What We Have On Our Shopping Lists

October Must Haves: What We Have On Our Shopping Lists
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October is all about transition – from cooler temps to extra-moisturizing body products. As we switch up our beauty products there are plenty of things to take in to consideration (aside from the typical likes and dislikes). With the dropping temps, products need to have added moisture elements, as your skin will be a bit starved for moisture in the coming months.

In addition to just adding in a bit of a moisture boost, many people like to switch up their scents and choose something a little deeper for fall. This tends to follow suit with colors as well, choosing rich berries for lips and nails as we get into the cooler months. Above we chose our October beauty picks, going heavy on the skin products as that’s always a priority when switching seasons. Let us know what your picks are for your shopping list this month in the comments section below!

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