Spring 2013 Trend Watch: Colorful Graphic Eyes

Spring 2013 Trend Watch: Colorful Graphic Eyes
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Makeup at New York Fashion Week has been very polarized as far as trends go: either there was a ton of color, or nothing at all. The minimalist trend has been huge for next season, but on the opposite end of the spectrum some of the looks we’ve seen on the eye have been the most colorful and creative makeup we’ve ever encountered. From turquoise to orange to white, the color spectrum ranged just as far as the application did, from all-over lids to graphic liner.

Michael Kors opted for a turquoise graphic liner, while Donna Karen went for a fuchsia rim around the eye with matching lashes. The best part about this trend? It’s incredibly wearable and affordable. Regardless of the application of the color, one thing is for sure: colorful, graphic eyes are very much in for spring. We’ll be watching to see how this develops throughout London, Milan and Paris!

Would you brave this bold trend? Tell us in the comment section below! 

Images via Imax Tree 

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