NYFW SS 2012: Angelic Faces and Hair at Philosophy

Amanda Elser
NYFW SS 2012: Angelic Faces and Hair at Philosophy
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The scene downstairs at Academy Mansion was set for the Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti runway, but if you went up the spiral staircase and around the corner you’d find a wallpapered room filled with six-foot models just trying to get a sandwich as makeup artists and hairdressers hurried them into their chairs to start the long beauty process.

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What seemed like a very technical hair style, stylist Didier Malige, said it isn’t something that has never been done before, but that it is just difficult with 30 girls. Malige was sectioned off the hair, sprayed it with hairspray and twisted the bottom portion of the hair in a figure eight motion around a bobby pin and secured it. Malige said that once the hair was taken out of the pins it would create a halo effect to the hair.

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Lucia Pieroni for MAC Cosmetics wanted to achieve a watercolor look for the face. Lyne Desnoyers, Director of Makeup Artistry at MAC Cosmetics, explained how they got that look. Desnoyers said they used soft brushes to apply two different shades of blush to the eye and top of the cheek. She said the reason for the soft brushes is because the bristles absorb less product. She said it wasn’t a hard look to achieve, but you had to get the proportions right. She used MAC’s Metal-X Eyeshadow in Fusion Gold to highlight the upper cheek and on the lips, applying the color with her finger tips. She recommends using a light bronzer at home to achieve the same highlighting effect that went down the runway.

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