NYFW Product Testing: At Home Gel Manicure

NYFW Product Testing: At Home Gel Manicure
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With Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week coming to a close, we wanted to feature some of the beauty products that got us through all the tough times. Rachel Siegel, our Community Manager, tested out SensatioNail — an at home gel polish kit — to see if her DIY mani could stand the test of fashion week.

She broke it down step-by-step for us in the slideshow above. But here are her final thoughts on the whole process. “Overall the process is simple and doesn’t take too long. Nail polish pickers will revel in the easy peeling ability of this gelpolish. And if you somehow manage to leave your nails alone, you’ll enjoy a lasting manicure that keeps its glossy finish much longer than a standard polish manicure.”

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