NYFW Backstage Time Clock: Jeremy Scott

Amanda Elser
NYFW Backstage Time Clock: Jeremy Scott
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My call time for backstage at Jeremy Scott was one hour before showtime. The following is my personal recount of what happened during those final moments of hair and makeup.

12:02 PM: I arrived just in time to watch the tail end of Eugene Souleiman, for Wella, explaining the hair for the show. Before I could even ask him about the inspiration, he steps out for a cigarette. (Note: I didn’t know so many people still smoked until Fashion Week.)

I took a moment to look around and realize the backstage space is pretty spacious. Four girls were getting their hair set in curlers, while everyone else walked around calmly. This is one hour before show time, right?

12:04 PM: Right, because Kelly Cutrone came in yelling “One hour away, people!”

12:06 PM: A group rushed towards Val Garland, for MAC Cosmetics, who is in the process of starting a TV interview. I turned on my recorder and shoved it as far forward as possible, but I can only catch snippets of information…peach, freckles, hillbilly, New York City…guess I’ll make sense of that later.

12:11 PM: The TV crew left and I actually get the chance to speak to Val. The inspiration was a young country girl moving to the big city and how she would do her makeup. She explained that it is a very basic look, just overdone.

“Too much liner, too much mascara and too much blush,” she said.

I think the freckles painted on were a nice touch.

12:17 PM: Shout out to the Wella PR ladies who came to grab me as Eugene was starting his next round of interviews (and got me in the front row). Eugene explained that they just wanted to do a dramatic country girl hair style. He curled and teased the hair into two pigtails with a huge bouffant in the front.

“Because teasing in the only way to get your hair to do what you want.”

Eugene said that when he and Jeremy were creating the look, Jeremy actually brought him a country girl Barbie for inspiration.

12:20 PM: Just when I thought everything was going smooth, a model came in (running late) from another show. She was rushed in, plopped into a chair and virtually tagged team by five people. Two on her toes, one on her face and two on her hair.

12:23 PM: The calm before the storm was over, and I was inadvertently shoved out the door by a sea of people. I reached down to grab a Luna bar for nourishment and collided into a model with a finished look… please don’t tell me I hurt her, please don’t tell me I hurt her

The model seems unscathed and she is even smiling…must of caused head trauma.

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