Instant Makeover: A 5-Minute Gel Pedicure

Shannon Farrell

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Pedicure

Occasionally we come across a product that bestows an immediate glow, changing our look (for the better!) in an instant. Since we’d be remiss to keep them to ourselves, we highlight these genius finds in our Instant Makeover series.

If there’s one thing that’s essential in the summer, it’s a pedicure. And if there’s one thing we just don’t have time for in the summer, it’s a pedicure. That’s why I became immediately obsessed with Nutra Nail Gel Perfect 5 Minute Gel-Color Pedicure ($11.99, It’s a gel formula without the LED lamp that applies and dries within 5-10 minutes and lasts as long as an actual gel pedicure. (I’m at three weeks and counting with no chips).

Unlike at-home gel manicures that can be messy and take over an hour to apply (who has the time?!), Nutra Nail’s application is super easy. First you paint on a coat of the Activator (the gel that doesn’t need LED light), then the polish, followed by another coat of the activator, polish and finishing with the activator. Because you don’t have to wait for each coat to dry, you’re done in minutes. And the polish actually dries completely in three! Also included for your perfect pedi needs are toe separators and a mini foot-file.

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