Ribbons – It’s a Fine Line Between Chunky and Cheap



After nearly a decade of avoiding them at all costs, not only am I ready for it, I have jumped in both feet first and started preaching chunky highlights. There. I let my secret out. You may be reading this fondly – or not so fondly – recalling images of Lisa Marie Presley or Kelly Clarkson during her American Idol days, but I’m ready and willing to take the plunge. I was inspired one day by watching some re-run of a mid-90’s sit-com and it hit me like a ton of bricks: I LOVE THOSE CHUNKY HIGHLIGHTS!!

I immediately had to start applying them to my guests at the ted gibson salon here in NYC. The challenge however is to get the girls to actually try it. (I can’t say I blame them as I have been quite adamant in steering them in another direction.) The first step was to change the terminology so I’ve gone from chunky to ribbons. Doesn’t that sound pretty, mmm who wouldn’t want that?! 

Truth be told it is a very fine line between chunky and cheap so the trick is to make the ribbons modern. I love bold pieces of tone on tone color like I did for Lake Bell (shown at left) when she was doing press for What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. I love to see that strong variation coming from the interior of the hair instead of right off the part. I think ribbons are a modern, sexy, approach for a new take on an old…favorite? What do you think? LMK – Jason

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