6 Rules for Mastering the “No Makeup” Makeup Look

Photo: Go Runway

Photo: Go Runway

Calvin Klein once said, “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” It’s true! We all want to maintain a fresh-faced natural glow— but sometimes that takes a good amount of work!

“First and foremost having clear skin is the most important thing for achieving the “no makeup” makeup look. With a great skin regimen that keeps your skin looking flawless, you’ll barely need any makeup anyway,” says international makeup artist and skin care consultant Karuna Chani.

1. Choose a tinted moisturizer that matches your complexion.
“Tinted moisturizer is light, airy and allows your skin to show through makeup. So there’s no way you’ll get the “cakey” look,” says Chani. If your complexion is relatively even, you can get away with a simple tinted moisturizer and then spot conceal blemishes, under eye circles or discolorations.  If your skin requires more than a tinted moisturizer in terms of coverage, look for a liquid foundation with a natural finish. A great one is Make Up Forever HD Foundation ($42, sephora.com). It was created for HD cameras, which literally see everything. It looks super natural and has really great coverage.

2.Brush your brows to make sure all the hairs are going in one direction and fill in with eyebrow pencil where necessary.
The best way to go here is to keep the shape natural, says Chani.

3. Apply a flesh tone color with slight flecks of gold or copper under the lower eyelid against the water line.

4.Brush some mascara lightly over top and bottom lashes and give them a good curl.  
Just enough to thicken your lashes a bit and add definition to your eyes. If you get clumps, brush through them with a metal lash brush.

5.Choose a flesh tone matte lip gloss or lipstick and apply to lips.

6.Apply a bronzer or burnt peach colored blush to cheek bone for slight contrast.

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