Women Wait 4 Weeks to Let a New Boyfriend See Them without Makeup: Study

Wendy Rodewald
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Makeup-free selfies might be a trend among celebrities, but the average woman isn’t quite as open to people seeing her barefaced — especially potential partners, a new study shows. Women wait an average of four weeks and one day to let a new boyfriend see them without makeup, according to a survey of 2,000 single women reported by the Daily Mail.

When staying over a new partner’s house for the first time, a third of women polled admitted to rushing to the bathroom to touch up their makeup before their hookup wakes up. They also spend an average of 40 minutes getting ready for a date.

The reason? Six in ten women want to be sure the guy likes them enough before revealing their makeup-free face. And a third of women think that if they’re seen too early in a relationship barefaced, it won’t go anywhere. Meanwhile, a third of women who are currently attached are convinced that if their partner had seen their naked face too early in the relationship, that it wouldn’t have lasted.

This whole mindset strikes us as kind of sad and indicative of a serious double standard when it comes to dating. If sleepovers are already in the picture, shouldn’t we be beyond worrying about our eyeliner? But maybe it works both ways. Sorry ladies, but eventually those sweats and ratty boxers will make an appearance.

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