Tips to Removing a No Chip Manicure


Gel Manicure

There has been a lot of talk about gel and shellac manicures, or “no chip” manicures, and whether or not they are really good for your nails. Whatever side of the argument you’re on, the truth of the matter is they are still a hot commodity. So, for those of you who would rather give up their morning Starbucks run than go without a great gel mani, you know how hard it is to take off your old manicure to replace it with a fresh coat. Just in case you decide to skimp on the salon time or if you’re in a jam, we’ve compiled a cheat list for you to get the polish off yourself (at home) without harming your nails.

Remember – never, ever peel off your no chip polish – even if it’s chipping and you really, really want to. It adheres to your nail and will most likely peel off a layer of your nail with it. Now with that fun warning, read on for safe removal tips (at home)!

Step 1: Pour your acetone nail polish remover into a dish (for easier access).
Step 2: Rip off multiple pieces of aluminum foil (10 in total for each finger, large enough to wrap around your fingernails).
Step 3: Dip a cottonball in the acetone, lay on the fingernail, and cover in aluminum foil. Continue on each finger until all of your fingers are covered.
Step 4: Hang out for about 15 minutes with the cottonballs wrapped in foil on your fingers.
Step 5: Remove all the foils and lightly push off the polish. At this point it should come off fairly easily. If it does not, soak longer.
Step 6: Apply cuticle oil and nail oil to all of your nails and cuticles – no chip manicures are drying to your nails (and nail polish remover is drying to your cuticles) so moisturize them!

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