Nicolette Mason Takes Us Inside Marie Claire’s Fashion Closet, Talks Style on a Budget

Laurel Pinson

When writer and personal style blogger Nicolette Mason first moved to New York City at the young age of 17, she never thought she was going to end up with a career in fashion, let alone a regular column at a major style magazine.

Now, when she’s not writing for her own site,, she has a regular column in Marie Claire called “Big Girl in a Skinny World,” which tackles style inspiration for the plus-size set.

Orly Shani met up with Mason at the magazine’s offices in New York, on the 34 th floor of the spectacular, glassy Hearst Tower, where she was only too happy to show off the crown jewel of the magazine’s offices—the fashion closet.

While Mason may not be a regular fixture in the office, it’s clear she’s beloved by the staff, which all looked ecstatic to see her, and with good reason—Mason is as friendly and vivacious off-camera as she is on-camera.

Once Shani and Mason arrived at the fashion closet, it became pretty clear that Mason is an accessories girl; she had arranged for a ton of jewelry and accessories to be laid out for our viewing pleasure—from cocktail rings to bracelets to earrings. Then there were the rows upon rows of sunglasses, including Mason’s signature cat-eye shades. Facing the closet’s wall of shoes, Mason’s face literally lit up. (“It’s a hard life,” she laughs.)

Here, Mason tells The Unexpected Insider, Orly Shani, about how she went from a young writer with big aspirations in New York City to one of the industry’s most buzzed-about new talents, and why she’s such an advocate of women dressing for themselves. “I think [my column] talks to all women and the basic body issues we deal with,” says Mason. “The self-esteem issues that we deal with … Everyone’s got them!”

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