Nicki Minaj Explains Her Recent Make-Under

Shannon Farrell
Nicki Minaj

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If you haven’t noticed, many of the music industry’s most eccentric performers have been toning it down in the beauty department. First Katy Perry resigned her colors-of-the-rainbow hair for classic black, then Lady Gaga quickly followed suit with her natural brunette locks, and on occasion Ke$ha steps out without the glitter and blue lipstick. Next on the list: Nicki Minaj. Stripping away the wigs and opting for natural makeup, the singer told Glamour the reason for her new toned-down look.

“I just wanted to tone down, and I met the man who changed my life — [hairstylist] Oscar James,” she told the mag. “Hair doesn’t have to be overprocessed and fried, even when you apply color. I’ve never been happier. With makeup, I started using more natural tones. I never thought I’d love nude lipstick, but I really do. I just feel sexier. Less is definitely more.”

We couldn’t agree more Nicki.

Nicki Minaj on Her Recent “Less Is Definitely More” Beauty Approach [Glamour]

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