News: Nicki Minaj Gets “High” Off Hair Makeovers; Rihanna Rocks For Victoria’s Secret

Wendy Rodewald
Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj at the MTV VMAs
Photo: Getty Images

Why does makeover queen Nicki Minaj change her look so much? “I get tired of things quickly,” the rapper told People. “Every time I change my hair it’s a high.” As for all the time she puts into her look? “I don’t love sitting there and getting makeup done. But afterwards it’s like, ‘Yay, we created a new doll today.’” — via People Stylewatch

Rihanna will perform at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, along with Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. No word yet on what she’ll be wearing, but you can bet she’ll be showing some skin. — via Huffington Post

The classic nude and white French manicure — which we haven’t seen on a runway in what feels like ages — is totally back, thanks to Chanel‘s Paris Fashion Week show. — via Beauty High

This “plastic surgery broker” tells women what’s wrong with their faces, then hooks them up with the appropriate doctors — who pay her (a questionably legal) $10,000 per year for doing so. — via The Cut

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