News: Chat With Eva Mendes; Why Psychopaths Are Prettier

Wendy Rodewald

Eva Mendes

Go ahead, ask Eva Mendes anything. Pantene is hosting a Twitter chat with the actress and face of the brand today from 3-4 PM EST. Tweet your questions to @Pantene with the hashtag #AskEva. Our big one: Is Ryan Gosling really a feminist?

Psychopaths: they’re just prettier. A study has found that people possessing the personality traits known as the “Dark Triad” — that would be narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy — are better at using clothing, hairstyles and makeup to make themselves look attractive. — via Huffington Post

Selena Gomez‘s nail polish line with Nicole by OPI launches next month, and the brand has released the first photos of the shades, which include Selena (a peachy nude), Spring Break (a hot pink) and Kissed At Midnight (a gold glitter topcoat). — via InStyle 

Eau de pepperoni? Following in the footsteps of Burger King’s cult gag gift hit Flame, Pizza Hut is releasing its own fast food-inspired fragrance. — via Huffington Post

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