News: Britney’s Split Personality; Ask Kristen Stewart (Almost) Anything

Wendy Rodewald

Britney Spears Fantasy Twist

Britney Spears showcases dueling identities in the campaign for her newest fragrance, Fantasy Twist. We’re kind of digging that brunette wig. — via MTV Style

Here’s your chance to ask Kristen Stewart what really happened… behind the scenes of her Balenciaga campaign (what, did you think she’d talk about that other thing?). The actress will answer fans’ questions on the Balenciaga Facebook page on October 18th, and you can submit your query right now. — via Balenciaga Fragrance

Sad news for fans of makeup artist Jemma Kidd‘s line: The brand has gone bankrupt. One possible glimmer of hope: Kidd proclaimed on Twitter, “Light as air foundation will be back. Watch this space.” — via Telegraph UK

Cardio rooms everywhere are about to get a whole lot, um, bouncier. Victoria’s Secret has launched a pushup sports bra for the gym. — via Racked

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