News: A Matte Glitter Polish; Megan Hilty Does Her Own Nails For Smash

Shannon Farrell

Matte glitter nail polish sounds like an oxymoron, but trust us. It’s real. Take a look at Zoya’s new collection.  —via Glamour

Megan Hilty does her own nails for Smash. “So now I do it in the morning in my trailer while they’re working on my hair or something. Nail Polish has been a big thing because on set, they want to make a big thing about our nail polish. Every episode we have a new color.” —via Allure

If you love Dry Bar, then you’ll love their new hair tool line. Sadly, blowout skills are not included. —via Racked

Makeover alert! Skateboarder Shaun White chopped all of his long hair off for Locks of Love. “Somebody needs it more than I do,” the athlete said in a video. —via InStyle

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