Katherine Heigl’s Hair Color Makeover


Photo: © Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Katherine Heigl is refusing to dye her hair again. The actress colored her locks from blonde to brunette for her upcoming movie One for the Money but needed to go back to her blonde hairstyle to promote her other film Killers.

However, instead of going through the hassle of hair coloring again, Katherine has now discovered she can achieve the blonde look by wearing a wig.

She said: “I did it about a month ago… I’m supposed to have dark hair for One for the Money and recently discovered the beauty and the wonder of a really well-done wig.

“I did have to go back to blonde for poster shoots for Killers and the wigs are so fantastic I thought from now on I should just wear wigs. It takes half the time.”

Katherine recently revealed she was “shocked” when she dyed her hair dark.

The mother-of-one–who is married to musician Josh Kelley–said: “I was pretty shocked at first. I was like, ‘wow, it’s dark, that’s not just brown, that’s black.’ It took me a good day and a half to totally embrace it.

“Josh just freaked out immediately. That’s good at least that the boys like it. I love it. It’s fun. I feel a bit different even though I don’t act any different. I say all the same stupid things – I just look different.”

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