5 Must-Try New Fitness Classes for 2014

Shannon Farrell
Photo: Courtesy of Pure Yoga

Photo: Courtesy of Pure Yoga

Going for a run outside has its perks, but workouts that pack in cardio, resistance and lengthening your muscles in 60 minutes (or less!) are the new ideal for the always-on-the-go gal. In 2013, niche fitness classes that covered all those bases saw a huge surge in popularity, and we predict they’ll only get more enticing this year.

Here, we’ve rounded up four must-try classes that will help you show that New Year’s resolution who’s boss.

AKT Inmotion
Barre classes have become huge over the past few years (and from personal experience seeing the results, we get why), but the latest versions add more types of dance to the mix. AKT Inmotion takes the idea of interval training and incorporates it into dance moves. Yoga and strength training is interspersed throughout the 60 or 90-minute session as well. While form is important, you don’t need perfect rhythm to see serious results.

Don’t have classes near you?
While an in-person class packs in more resistance, you can get a similar workout in with classic Zumba. Just make sure to add weight training to your off days.

Aqua Cycling
SoulCycle and FlyWheel made cycling not just a fitness favorite, but a full-on lifestyle. (At this point, pretty much everyone we know has tried one of these classes and—in many cases—become a bonafide convert.) Now there’s a new version to try: aqua cycling. Get this: the bikes are in a pool, giving the body added resistance and putting less pressure on the joints. Now those are some waters we’d be willing to test.

Don’t have classes near you? 
Mix up your cycling routine with aqua jogging. The individual exercise promotes similar resistance without the mandatory equipment.

For those who feel like yoga is more of a warm-up than a class, this is workout is for you. Available exclusively at Pure Yoga, PXT is a formulation of yoga, high-intensity cardio, core work, plyometrics and strength training—pretty much everything your body needs in 60 minutes.

Don’t have classes near you? 
While you may not be able to get such a multi-purpose workout in an hour, make sure you get the results throughout the week with a morning yoga class, a few sessions of weight lifting and a run with intervals.

Prana Power Yoga
Hot yoga had its time in 2013. Prana Power Yoga builds off the favorite with a flow yoga class done in a heated room (from 95-99 degrees) with modern music. Still working both the mind and body in an intense routine, the change of tunes helps keep the energy up.

Don’t have a class near you?
Your traditional flow class may have to do. Instead, throw in an energizing playlist on your walk home.

And now for a class near everyone…

Physique 57
For those who need a calorie-burn without adding to an already packed schedule, give virtual barre class Physique 57 a go. With both live streaming and online workouts, your body can get the toning results from the ballet-based moves … all in the comfort of your living room.

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