The Most Innovative Beauty Products to Come Out in 2013

The Most Innovative Beauty Products to Come Out in 2013
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With so many beauty products coming across our desks, we tend to pay particular attention to the ones that stand out as new, innovative or genius in some way. Sure, new cosmetics formulas that last longer and hair products that promise to leave our strands silkier than ever are great, but what really stands out is the product that solves a common problem, or one that makes something simpler, or one that gives us a new way of doing something we do every day. These products are the innovators, and 2013 has seen quite a few of them.

So, to let you in on the innovative inventions from this year, we’ve pulled together the best, most innovative beauty products to come out in 2013 above. Take a look at our favorites and tell us which you’ll be trying before the year is out in the comments below!

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