10 Beauty Brands You’ve Probably Never Heard About

Ashley Okwuosa

4551160811 10 Beauty Brands Youve Probably Never Heard About

With all of the beauty brands out there, it can be hard to keep up with every single one. Regardless of whether you’re a drugstore shopper, you’ve lost count of how many makeup counters you’ve been to, or  you’re on the hunt for all natural products all the time, some brands can get lost in the noise. To help you figure out which new, noteworthy brands you should be paying attention to, we’ve rounded up 10 you’ve probably never heard of — yet.

1. Nyakio: Think carefully crafted products made with ingredients like Kenyan coffee, sesame seed oil, and kola nut just to name a few. Every product from this brand is made with the utmost attention, and we like to think of the line as a spa treatment at home. Designed for all skin types, do yourself a favor and pick up an extra product or two for a friend when you get your own.

2. Ginger and LizWe love a perfect manicure as much as the next girl, but with all the toxic products that are sometimes found in nail polish, we hate the thought of having to sacrifice a couple visits to the nail salon to keep our hands healthy. Ginger and Liz nail polish, a brand that’s health conscious but still trendy, is the solution to our problems. Take control of your health and hands with their bright, fashion-forward colors.

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3. LaLicious: Have you ever wanted to smell like a candy store? Thanks to LaLicious, you can. Their line of fragrant bath and both products is equally sweet smelling and moisturizing, and you’ll feel as good as you smell after trying this Sugar Reef Soufflé Scrub.

4. The Lip BarLipstick is always fun, and this brand takes it up a notch with their cocktail inspired shades. It’s pretty much impossible to not have fun while searching through the colors and their clever names.

5. Kaia NaturalsWith this brand, the chances that you’ll ever go to bed with your makeup still on your face are pretty slim. Kaia Naturals prides itself on using the most natural ingredients to create the most effective products. One sheet of the Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths will get rid of even the peskiest waterproof mascara, so we’re in.

6. Soapwalla: Created out of a personal need for a wholesome skincare line truly devoid of harsh chemicals, Soapwalla’s creator, Rachel Winard, began making soaps and other skin products out of her Brooklyn kitchen. Now everyone can get in on the action! One of our favorites is the Luxurious Body Oil, which can be used as a replacement for heavy moisturizers that can clog your pores.

7. Nature’s Gate: Want to go the natural route but don’t want to spend the money? Don’t worry about it, because Nature’s Gate has you covered. Organic hair care is more than just a trend, it’s a kind of lifestyle. Say goodbye to split ends and dry follicles, but don’t say goodbye to the money in your wallet. Pair the Herbal Daily Shampoo with the Herbal Daily Conditioner and your hair will thank you.

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8. JĀSÖN: Jason is devoted to giving you perfect skin in the best way possible. End your day with the Relaxing Chamomile Body Wash and sleep like a baby at night.

9. Alima Pure:  Testing out tons of different makeup to find what’s right for you can get tiring after a while, and don’t even get us started on the breakouts. Alima Pure’s completely hypoallergenic line is a perfect way to indulge yourself and not worry about your skin having adverse reactions. The Satin Matte Foundation is a great place to start, plus it’s on trend.

10. Hugo Debra Naturals: Stressful week? Try one of Hugo Debra Naturals 100 percent natural Fizzy Bath Bombs, (our favorite is Creamy Coconut). Your stress will practically melt away.

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