The 10 Best Navy Blue Nail Polishes

The 10 Best Navy Blue Nail Polishes
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This fall, textured nail polishes have taken over our hands. From glitter to matte to gritty lacquer, it’s clear that right now, the more texture, the better. While we love a good textured polish, it still needs to be the right color, and now that the weather is cooling down, we’ve set our sights on dark, rich hues.

There’s nothing wrong with a good purple or brown lacquer, but our hearts really lie with navy blues. There’s something so chic about a navy polish, dark enough to exude confidence but not quite as heavy as a black or grey. If you share our love of navy blue hues (of course you do), you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the 10 best navy blue nail polishes at every price range so that you can find the best fit for your fingers. Take a look at our picks above, and tell us which you’ll be using for your next manicure in the comments below!

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