Natural Is Beautiful

Megan Segura

Today marked my second day at Cosmoprof North America, which means even more beauty products and trends. One of the big themes I noticed among the various brands was natural.

Putting The Fun Back In Beauty

While women will never stop wanting to look their best, they are becoming more aware of the chemicals going onto their skin. While we’ve always known it on some level, we’re more cognizant of the fact that what goes onto our faces and bodies is ending up inside our blood stream. Scary!

Acquarella is a nail polish company that I was introduced to, and I’m so glad. They are one of the only brands to make water-based nail polish. This means their colors are free of formaldehyde, phthalates, and chemical solvents. Even more exciting is the fact that the pigment of their polishes isn’t compromised by the lack of toxins. They still offer a great range of gorgeous colors, like Dream Car ($16,, a deep teal shade.

I also discovered Bella Semplice, which offers anti-aging facial masks. I got to try their 24k Gold Under Eye Mask this morning, and I loved it. It’s made of a thin, rubber-like substance that sticks to the skin when applied. It sends moisture to the area being treated and allows you to keep going about your day while wearing it. The masks are made with natural ingredients, so you’re skin isn’t being exposed to any harsh chemicals. Because they’re so new, you will need to visit their site,, and contact them about ordering their products online.

What are your favorite all-natural products?

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