NailSnaps: The New App That Lets You Make Nail Stickers From Your Instagrams

Augusta Falletta


For the nail art obsessed ladies of the world, the latest Kickstarter campaign is sure to take off. NailSnaps, an app you can use to make your personal Instagram photos into nail polish stickers, could be the coolest way to make a personalized manicure. Started by Angel Anderson and Sarah Heering, a team of women who a creative and business duo, the free app works to give you exactly the kind of nail stickers you want, made from polish and lasting about a week.

Here’s how it works: First, you take a picture that can either span across all fingernails, or you can choose different parts of the image to go on individual nails. Once you put it into the NailSnaps app, your nail polish stickers will be printed and shipped to you. Once they arrive, you apply them to clean, dry nails. All you need to do for the application is to peel the stickers off of the sheet, then file to size. Whether you take a photo that’s incredibly personalized, or you choose to make a more abstract sticker, your manicure will be begging to be Instagrammed.

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The campaign is aiming to raise just over $47,300 and backers get certain rewards with each donation. From promo codes to pre-designed NailSnaps to a bridal party pack of nail polish stickers, the rewards for those who donate their money to fund NailSnaps are incredibly worth it.

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