Tuesday’s #NailCall: Quick Fixes

Amanda Elser
Tuesday’s #NailCall: Quick Fixes
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This week’s Nail Call is for all of my friends out there that are a bit challenged when it comes to a nail polish wand. But I am here to reassure you, you don’t need to be an artist to get great nails. From nail wraps to an unintentional ombre look, theses creative tweeps show us how to get rocking nails with the simplest of designs and ideas!

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@JaneNation's bow tie nails might look a bit complex, but we promise, just follow her step-by-step for these nails at home! 

And when all else fails, just go with glitter like @jaimestylista

Nail wraps are our favorite things...ever! So chic, so simple! These Sally Hansen cheetah print ones from @Chanel_Robinson are perfection!

When @fearnobeauty's nails started to chip she just topped them off with a bit of China Glaze's Eye Candy glitter polish. We love this genius take on ombre! 

Ok, so these may not be the simplest of looks to pull off, but they were so pretty that we couldn't help but to show off @freediculous nails! 

More nail wraps! Our favorite ladies over at @shopncla show us how easy it is to wear nail wraps and still make them look like you spent hours meticulously placing each strip! 

These may look complicated, but the beauty behind a tribal print nail is you can do any pattern and they will still look great, just like @HowtobeFancy

These polka dot nails by @twinky_lala look so simple that I think I could actually attempt to do it! 

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