Nail Polish Guru Essie Weingarten Dishes About Her First Job

Amanda Elser

Trophy Wife, Fifth Avenue and Mademoiselle are amongst our favorite Essie nail polishes and we have to admit that their cheeky names have a lot to do with it. But before Essie Weingarten was creating nail polish she told WWD all about her first job in the fashion industry. Essie began her career at thehosiery department at Henri Bendel. She said it was here that she got her first taste at naming products.

“My first encounter with shade names was at the leg counter! We gave names to all the different colors of pantyhose,” Essie said. Well, whatever sparked that creative bug, we have to say we like it!

Essie credits her job at Henri Bendel for her ability to know what makes a statement and what will remain iconic. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that really honed my eye.”

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