‘Hunger Games’ Polish May Not Be Happening After All

Amanda Elser

We were pretty over-the-moon when we reported about the The Hunger Games collection ofChina Glaze nail polish. But according to a article in The Hollywood Reporter, we may have jumped the gun a bit.

American International Industries said it had a deal with the film’s studio Lionsgate to create the special collection as part of the film’s upcoming promotional campaign, but apparently Lionsgate suddenly backed out of the contract.

Lionsgate was sued for $10 million by the Los Angeles-based beauty company American Internatinal Industries. According to the article, the company apparently closed a deal with Lionsgate in October for the production of a Hunger Games version of its China Glaze nail polish.

But according to the complaint, shortly after they signed the deal “the studio made statements to the press that the deal was “not happening,” and askedAmerican to say that the parties “were merely ‘discussing’ a ‘possible’ promotional deal.” American says it refused to lie, prompting a Lionsgate attorney to send an email on Nov. 17 saying that the studiowas “terminating” the contract.”

It sounds like a whole lot of “he says, she says” to us, but apparently terminating the contract was not in the rights of Lionsgate, but supposedly American “leaked” the info to the press, which would have constituted a breech in contract. Either way, we are keeping our fingers crossed that something is figured out, because we were really hoping to wear some of those shades this spring!

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