Holiday Nail Art Inspiration Via Tumblr

Amanda Elser
Holiday Nail Art Inspiration Via Tumblr
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We’re feeling pretty festive over here at Beauty High. Between our Chrismukkah giveaway and all the pretty holiday collections we’ve seen, we’ve been inspired. Only problem is we have zero skills with a nail polish wand. So we took to Tumblr to scout our favorite amateur nail artists and their holiday manicures to give us somenail art ideas.

From snowmen to Rudolph, here are some of the most creative manicures we’ve seen so far this season!

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If you're going to do holiday nails why not go all out? Your thumb is the perfect size for a chubby cheeked Santa and there are numerous other holiday ideas for the rest of your fingers!

A great idea for holiday nail art is to keep it simple with a clear back coat and to show your creative talent on a plain background. Your nails will be festive, while still chic and not too cluttered.

Gold polish is the epitome of holiday fun. So why not get in the spirit of Christmas by adding a tree to accent your thumbs?

It may look a little cheesy, but go big or go home in our opinion. 

We love these icy-blue snowflake nails. Plus, the ombre effect is so on-trend for the season! Win-win all around.

The cutest nails around, we'd love to rock Rudolph and his little rosy cheeks this season!

We love these nails for a lot of reasons, but mostly because they look like our mom's Christmas sweater... yet much more chic.

Navy background with a glittery and textured snowflake? These are the perfect nails for the winter months!

Still have that crackled polish and not sure how to use it this season? Why not give your manicure an icy finish?

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