Essie Teams Up With TOMS For Charity

Rachel Adler

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Essie has partnered with TOMS shoes for “One Day Without Shoes”, a global intitiative that will take place on April 5 to raise awareness for children in developing countries who lack proper footwear (or any at all).

As the name says, TOMS is looking to have people around the world go without shoes to get people involved in the cause. As crazy as it sounds, it will be a great way to catch others’ attention, I would just recommend waiting until you get inside (city streets can be dangerous for the barefoot). But, I think that’s exactly the point.

To support the cause, Essie has created a shimmery blue polish appropriately named “One Day Without Blues,” which will be available for a limited time at Since the color is kind of amazing, it has of course already run out of stock, but they promise to have more available soon.

In the meantime, you can help out the cause by marking the 5th or April on your calendar or buying a pair of TOMS (for every purchase a pair is donated to child in need).

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