Crackle Polish Obsession: We Recommend Our Faves

Rachel Adler

Ever since crackle nail polish has become a “fad” again, I’ve been talking about my obsession with the stuff. Clearly destined to be a beauty addict, I was toying around with crackle polish back in my younger days, searching for the best color combo possible, and deciding which brand’s crackle formula could outlast the wear and tear of my daily life.

Fast forward to now, and apparently nothing has changed. Here I am, still searching for my favorite crackle combos that will stay put and not just well, crack off. Below are a few of my current faves (I say current because it’s clearly ever-changing) that I highly recommend you pick up now.

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The tennis pro’s OPI polish is so chic in gold and black shatter that we’re obsessed. But, in case you want more color options, you can always go for Katy Perry’s OPI shatters as well. (Serena Glam Slam,

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China Glaze has an abundance of crackle colors to choose from, but the classic black and white has an almost Minx-like appearance, for a much lower price point. (China Glaze in Lightening Bolt,

116615 1298497277 Crackle Polish Obsession: We Recommend Our Faves

The Aussie brand BYS’s cracked polishes come in a variety of bold and striking colors, with the red being a fave. Match with black or white for a striking contrast. (BYS Nail Polish In Cracked Finish Red,

116616 1298497396 Crackle Polish Obsession: We Recommend Our Faves

Barry M. is a classic nail effects brand, with a black crackle that can be mixed and matched with any color of your choosig. (Barry M Instant Nail Effects,

116614 1298497276 Crackle Polish Obsession: We Recommend Our Faves

Trendin Cosmetics, based in Hong Kong, has numerous crackle colors to choose from but can only be ordered online. The polishes are only $6 a pop though, so if you love a color, it’s worth it! (BK Crackle Nail Polish in Jade Green,

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