American Apparel Releases Limited-Edition Neon Polish

Rachel Adler

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Neons for spring will never go out of style they’ll probably just get more and more electric as the years go on. This spring Estee Lauder even released a line of brights, which says a lot considering the brand is typically known for their reds and pinks.

As I type this, I have a nice and bold Ilamasqua orange on my fingertips, and I’m eyeing Deborah Lippmann’s Yellow Brick Road.

Released in stores today, American Apparel has six brand new, limited-edition neon colors in their always reliable formula. With shade names like “Neon Green” and Neon Yellow” there is no confusion here and I need to get my hands on the green, purple, and red ASAP.

Considering there are only 2000 bottles for each shade, and the limited-edition lines always sell out immediately, consider your lunch break an AA stop.

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