Mylah Morales On Black|Up, Amber Riley & Bright Cheeks

Rachel Adler

I had the chance to catch up with Mylah Morales and Lionel Durand the other day to chat about Black|Up Cosmetics new fall product line. If you aren’t familiar with Black|Up, it’s a cosmetic brand from Paris which boasts amazingly pigmented products for women of color (and of course for women that just love strong makeup). The brand has recently formed a U.S. online presence and is in the works to get a brick and mortar store stateside. Look out for bold, shimmery shadows and bright gel liners come August from the brand.

And, if you aren’t familiar with Mylah, she happens to be the makeup artist to some of the hottest celebrities to date. Her lengthy client roster holds the likes of Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Amber Riley and Leona Lewis. Below we chatted about the Black Up line (which she is the spokesperson for) as well as how she collaborates with her clients to get the red carpet ready.

What are your personal favorite products from BlackUp’s fall line?
MM: I love the eyeliner just because it’s waterproof and not just for fall, it can be used all summer long. It’s not out until august but it has a great gel-like quality, really smooth and velvety. I love it because you know along with the eye shadows you can make it really dense so the color of the eyeliner does not smudgewell it wont anyway because its waterproof. But it just kind of reinforces the color a little bit more. I love the lipsticks because over the years I’ve set my trends with pink and red and berries and nudes so all of the lipstick is kind of like what I’ve developed over the years for my clients and red carpets and videos

I love the new colors. How do you collaborate with your clients to figure out what look to go with before big events?
MM: What we do for red carpets is we collaborate with the hair and makeup and stylist as weve done over the course of the years as you know from the Rihanna looks it’s really important for me because makeup is one thing but we really like it to make sense. The makeup has to make sense with the hair and the wardrobe and the event so thats kind of how things can collaborate with each other.

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When you’re getting ready for an event, do your clients usually know what they want? Or do you typically let them know what look will work best?
MM: Well they usually know what THEY want but we like to scale that back because being the expert it’s always great to give them expert advice. You know like with Amber Riley when we were doing the SAG Awards she decided with the black dress she wanted the red lip but I was like ‘you know you’re young and you’re youthful and you’re on Glee’ it’s kind of SAG Awards is more of a formal event and I didnt want her to get lost with the rest of the crowd. So it was great to like bring out that hot pink lip she was wearing all black makeup was really sleek and her hair was sleek, dress was sleek so I gave her that hot pink lip just to bring out the youthful Amber Riley.

Like you said with the hot pink lip these bold colors are really big right now and girls often have a hard time making it last. Any tips on keeping that color on for the whole night?
MM: First you should start with a lip liner. Apply the lipstick and then put a tissue paper over your mouth to blot and apply powder. Reapply the lipstick after that process then reapply one more time. You should always keep your lipstick in your purse anyway but usually for a red carpet or special event I usually make sure it’s really on for pictures.

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Alright and what is your take on the bright blush trend that we’ve been seeing lately, or applying blush in places other than the apples of the cheek? Is this something we should be trying out for everyday?
MM: Not necessarily. You can create a runway look and make it your own. I’ll give you a for instancethe Grammys one year when Rihanna wore the all white dress and we took the look from an Ellie Saab runway look because the dress is Ellie saab so it was an ice princess looking eye shadow. You can take a runway look and make it your own for everyday. You can do the right pinks, just subtle or the right coral just in a subtle way and if you’re daring enough you can do it at night for the club or if you want to be daring and do it like they do on the runway its all about your own originality.

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