My Personal Laser Experience: It Hurts, But It’s Worth It

Rachel Adler

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I have always been a girl that was pretty addicted to waxing, to the point that the slightest bit of hair gets on my nerves. So, I’ve of course hopped from waxing salon to waxing salon until I found the perfect one. A bit like Goldilocks, except for my uh, vajayjay.

I’ve had my favorite spots for awhile now (Uni.K.Wax and Completely Bare) but I’ve been toying with the idea of laser, because well, for any girl who likes to banish hair, what better way to do it? When the opportunity to go to Bliss popped up, I jumped and after the experience I realized I needed to share all (like what it felt like, because I wasn’t really ready for it) and then you can decide what method to choose.

First of all, everyone I encountered at the Soho location was great (there are a lot of stairs involved, and some were concerned I was lost apparently my “tired” face is a “lost” face). My esthetician was Marina, and we chatted throughout the process, which I recommend, because it takes your mind off what’s going on. She started by giving me one of those pairs of ugly, disposable panties that don’t fit, and then she traced a grid in white pencil around my lady parts. Yep, a grid. Marina told me this helped her figure out a chart so she didn’t miss anything the fact that she was so thorough though reassured me!

Then, we started. The laser at first didn’t hurt at all (this I soon realized was because we started on my bikini line). It fills like a very tiny pin prick. When the “pricks” hurt more, Marina told me this was because it was a longer hair follicle (and of course in more sensitive areas). Some areas lets just say, felt like pure torture. In case you didn’t know, the laser works by going into the hair shaft and heating the hair follicle at its base, thus destroying the hair and stopping re-growth.

All in all, it took about 15 minutes in entirety (which I was honestly amazed by) although I was counting down the seconds, gritting my teeth, and clenching my fists I was shocked by the fact that it was seemingly faster than a wax.

Afterwards, Marina told me to treat the area like a sunburn. Apply aloe gel (and sunscreen) to the area for the next couple of weeks and then return for my next session in 4-6 weeks. Also, she reminded me that the treatment is meant for hair reduction and it depends on the person how well it will work.

As much as I may have just complained above, and instantly called my mom afterwards to say that it was terrible, I will go back. If there’s a chance that after five treatments I could be hair-free, or greatly hair-reduced, I’d suffer the 15 minutes of pain. Does this mean I’m a masochist?

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