My Own Haircolor Makeover!


Well after my post Should Men Color Their Hair I got interesting comments from a couple of guys. Jerome colored his hair from the neck up – the beard, mustache and all the way to the top! He said “What a difference. I feel that I now look as young as I feel. I love it! I’m going to age gracefully, but not yet.” Eric on the other hand, says “There is nothing more ridiculous than a wrinkled face with no gray hair” but also says “As long as the face’s age matches the greyless head of hair, I say men can color”.

I took all of this to heart. I weighed my options. I took the plunge! I color hair every day and see how the results make people feel, yet the last time I played with color on myself was when I was a wannabe club kid in Minneapolis with fire truck red mustache, eyebrows and head (I had hair then- LOL). I decided what the heck and colored my beard. At first, I thought it was too dark but when I saw pictures of myself in my twenties I realized the color was pretty close to the original.




I have to say, I really like it! I have received so many compliments since I colored my beard. People have told me my eyes look bluer, my skin looks brighter and I look more rested!!! Funny those are all the things I tell my girls in the salon – take a look, what do you think? LMK

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