My New Years Resolutions!


Happy New Year!!!

For me this time of year is amazing and inspiring. We have a tradition at our house to create a vision board which lays out our aspirations, goals, desires and dreams. After it’s finished I hang mine in my office so I can look at it each day.

what a year

My world is all about beauty. I live it, eat it, sleep it and work it! This year’s vision board has a major focus on beauty and what that means to me. I am re-committing myself to the gym, two days a week with my trainer and two days a week on my own. I am going to re-commit to my morning practice, fifteen minutes of inspirational reading, fifteen minutes of writing and fifteen minutes of meditation. I am going to travel someplace I have never been. Most importantly, I am going to continue to do my very best all of the time.

In this year to come if we all commit to a healthier body, a more focused and clear mind, to broaden our horizons and to always do our best…how can we not feel beautiful? What are your resolutions for a healthier, prettier you? LMK – Jason

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