Mixing Things Up: How To Pair Bright Makeup

Mixing Things Up: How To Pair Bright Makeup
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Summer is just about knocking on our doors, and though the last few weeks have been a bit dreary in our neck of the woods, it doesn’t mean we can’t prep for the warmer weather with our makeup. Even if the day is gloomy, our makeup is bright, following a few very important trends of the season. We’re currently obsessed with color blocking and punchy colors like coral and pinks. The only thing that could be better than one of these trends is all of them mixed together, and in these beauty looks we show you how to achieve the perfect mix of bright colors in your beauty routine.

From sunny shadows to neon lips, putting together these looks is a talent that can be mastered with a little bit of practice. When applying these trends to your beauty regimen, it is important to remember a few things. First, blending is the key to any successful look. Second, find pigments that will either flow together seamlessly or will have a beautiful contrast. Last, confidence is the key to looking your best with these trends. Be bold enough to try one of these looks this weekend and we’re sure everyone will take notice of how bright you are.

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