Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima Share Beauty Must-Haves, Holiday Gift Picks

Danielle Emig

 Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima Share Beauty Must Haves, Holiday Gift Picks

To celebrate the re-opening of the Victoria’s Secret flagship store at Herald Square, Angels Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr unveiled their holiday gift picks. The new store is now the largest Victoria’s Secret in the world and features a 2,500 square-foot perfumery to try all the Victoria’s Secret fragrances. Lima and Kerr held court in one of the many rooms on the first floor, looking effortlessly gorgeous as usual.

They obviously have top hairdressers and makeup artists to keep them looking their best, but there are still products they rely on and recommend. Kerr started her own skin care line called Kora Organics, which has been in Australia for about three years and is available worldwide on the web site. “It’s quite nourishing for the skin and revitalizing,” Kerr says. “Every night I like to put on the Rosehip Oil because it’s full of essential fatty acids, high in vitamin C, and it’s anti-aging, and especially for the winter months, it’s really hydrating and nourishing.”

Adriana Lima lives in Miami so the moisture in the air helps keep her skin hydrated. But she suggests using oils in the winter if you live elsewhere, like New York City. “I love oils and I think it really helps to keep your skin moist,” says Lima.

Kerr usually likes to have some wave in her hair and doesn’t like to use much product. “Sometimes when I’m home and I’m with my son Flynn, I’ll just put my hair into a plait and let it dry naturally, and it gives it a little wave, and volume as well,” she explained.

While Kerr always keeps Victoria’s Secret Glossy Tint Lip Sheen in Better Than Bare in her handbag, Lima loves Victoria’s Secret Eyeliner in black. “It’s a bit creamier so it’s easier for you to apply on your eyes,” says Lima. “I usually love to wear a little black eyeliner on the eye and just keep applying, I don’t like too much.”

The Angels also shared their holiday gift picks from the Victoria’s Secret collections. “There’s something here for every woman in Victoria’s Secret, that’s why I love Victoria’s Secret,” Kerr says. “We have gorgeous lace panties, I mean, they are the best, in so many different colors. I like to mix and match things up a bit. Also pajamas are good too.” Lima suggests the Angel Fantasies Push-up Bra. “It has a plunge neckline so you can wear any low-cut shirt or dress,” she says. “I would suggest the red color because it’s Christmas and a very feminine color.” And for your significant other, Lima suggests Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy For Him Cologne.

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