Minx, The Newest Nail Sensation Has Us Obsessed


Since we first told you about Minx nails– beloved beauty necessity of Beyonce, Blake Lively, Lady Gaga and Posh Spice, to name a few– the revolutionary nail product has sky-rocketed to become the latest and best beauty trend out there, and with good reason. The flash of the pure metallic color accessorizes your look immediately, creating an instant outfit, or at least instant jewelry.


The flexible polymer sheets adhere to your nails under heat (similar to Sephora Nail Patch), injecting your look with a blaze of color and show-stopping intensity. We love the pure gold— like precious treasure on each nail– and the classic chrome lightning, a mirror-like silver. In the collection, there are nearly two hundred prints to sort through, from sweet paisley to classic houndstooth to an outrageous magenta fishnet pattern. Designs can even be customized a la Eve’s Obama nails:


The outlandish leopard prints, bursts of colorful graffiti and eye-catching metallic dots look great as long as the nails are short and trimmed, to keep them from looking overwhelming. We’d love to see the Burberry print on our nails, retro sailor tattoo images, or screen-printed skull-and-crossbones.

What pattern would you choose?

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